At Throne, gift giving has always been at the heart of what our company was founded on. Finding ways to connect users and creators through the spirit of sending presents has been a universal way to show others that you appreciate them, and that you care about their happiness. As an extension of our creator-community wishlist, Throne Exchange was created to connect all users, no matter who you are, to other like-minded gift givers around the world.

With our Halloween and Candy Day exchanges both right around the corner, we decided to chat with several of our dedicated Throne Exchange users, asking them their thoughts on our newest gift giving platform, and what makes them interested in participating.

For Binnie ASMR, a long time Throne partner and YouTube creator, it’s all about making other folks smile: “I enjoy being able to make people around the world smile by sending them a gift of my choice.” On what makes this different from the Partner Wishlist: “...I am used to receiving gifts via the Wishlist from my fans, but they already know me. They know what I like and dislike. So getting something from a stranger just based on a few questions we have to fill out when joining the exchange, is very exciting.”

MsPlaced, an Army vet and avid gamer, said this was their first time participating in any exchange—but they were hooked the moment they heard about it: “I’ve never really done an online gift exchange [previously]... I jumped at doing it because I enjoy the mystery of what I will get.” Asked what about the platform she likes best, “The best part is there are so many types of Throne Exchanges to pick and choose to be in.”

Rigelle, a former Reddit Gifts user who is new to Throne Exchange, has mentioned a key difference that sets Throne apart from previous iterations of online exchanges: "I love that there is no need for re-matching. Requiring a deposit to enter is a great idea." We agree Rigelle!

The Throne Exchange platform was built to connect users from all over the world, through the simple act of spreading happiness via gift giving. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face is a special moment we’re excited to be able to create,